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Executive  Board

Jaz Leonard - Co - President

Chapter Initiated: Zeta Rho (Texas A&M University)
Why Gamma Phi?: Two reasons really, at A&M, Gamma Phi was a recently chartered chapter and the opportunity to be part of creating the foundation of a chapter was something that I really didn't want to pass up.  Additionally, I really liked that our philanthropy was very hands-on. I felt like the other sororities only donated money, but we had an organization where we could volunteer and help on an ongoing basis and I felt that made more of an impact and wanted to be part of it.
Fun Fact: I drove the campus buses while I was in college

Jaz Wilson Headshot.jpg

Amber Mendoza - Co- President & Public Relations VP

Chapter Initiated: Zeta Rho (Texas A&M University)
Why Gamma Phi?: I originally started the sorority recruitment process for a resume boost, and to find a couple of college friends. However, when going through recruitment it was obvious how close knit all the women in Zeta Rho were and that they were way more than just an organization. I also love how Gamma Phi encourages both collegiate and alum chapters to be hands on when it comes to giving back to the community. My mother worked non-profit for over half of my childhood, so volunteering has always been huge in my life.
Fun Fact: I accidentally interacted with poachers during my study abroad with Texas A&M in South Africa on my last night. My mother was far from happy when I called her excitedly to tell her.


Leanne Thompson - Vice President

Peggy Hutchinson - Treasurer

Chapter Initiated: Tau (Colorado State)

Why Gamma Phi?: I chose Gamma Phi because it was the group that I felt most comfortable with when I went through Rush.  I did know a few of the girls who were also "town girls" who had been ahead of me at Fort Collins High School. I have always been sure that I made the right decision! 

Fun Fact: I skied for 60+ years and taught with the NSCD (Handicap program at Winter Park)  for many years.


Vacant - Programming VP

Ann O'Neill - Membership VP

Chapter: Alpha Phi (Colorado College)

Why Gamma Phi? I joined Gamma Phi Beta as a freshman at Colorado College, also known as C.C. A small liberal arts college, C.C., provided non-residential meeting houses to the four sororities on campus. I liked this arrangement since I valued friendships from dormitory living and academic classes, alongside growing friendships through Gamma Phi.  Our Chapter was a varied group of women with interests across academics and extracurricular pursuits. It made for a welcoming, open culture which I loved! I served in the role of Pledge Trainer in my junior year at C.C. I am proud to say several of my current friends are sisters in Gamma Phi Beta. I opened the door to the Denver Alumnae Chapter of Gamma Phi in 2019. I had new availability to join in with the freedom of no longer having to work. I am pleased to apply skills from my sales career, reaching out to prospective new alumnae members in my role as Membership VP. 

Fun Fact: By participating in a Colorado College alumni travel program, my husband and I ventured to the continent of Antarctica ten years ago - it was a life dream fulfilled!

Headshot - Sept. 2020 (2).jpg

Melissa Zaremba - Philanthropy VP

Cheryl Myhra - Panhellenic Affairs VP

Chapter: Omega (Iowa State)

Why Gamma Phi?: I found Gamma Phi a welcoming environment when I was recruited in 1966 and have continued to find friends throughout the years.  The lifelong commitment to Gamma Phi has also yielded lifelong rewards.  I belong to a group of Gamma Phis from 5 different chapters who meet for lunch once a month.  I also do a weekly Zoom call with Omega sisters who were in my recruitment class over 50 years ago. 

Fun Fact: I retired after spending 43 years in education.  Since my retirement I have continued to play tennis twice a week. 

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Judy Lacy - Alternate Delegate for Denver Panhellenic Council

Chapter Initiated: Theta ( University of Denver)

Why Gamma Phi?: When I was going through Recruitment at DU, I felt most at home with Gamma Phi Beta. As the years have gone by, I treasure the friendships I have made through Gamma Phi.

Fun Fact: I worked at IH for five years. 

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Brittni Wexler - Collegiate Relations VP

Chapter Initiated: Beta Rho

Why Gamma Phi?: When I went through recruitment, I was overwhelmed by the positivity of the Gamma Phi
house. Everyone seemed to authentically care about not only me, but each other. I also fell in love with the philanthropy’s focus of building up strong girls in the community. As a therapist, this really resonated with my personal values.

Fun Fact: I traveled to Switzerland with one of my sorority sisters and we went on a cow trekking excursion where we rode on the back of cows through a field in the middle of nowhere. Such a strange and incredible experience.

Audrey Folsom - Collegiate Relations VP

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